Anti-cellulite Massage Package



Anti-cellulite massage treatment package was carefully designed to provide extra attention to firming your skin and to reduce the appearance of cellulite on thighs, glutes, and abdomen. It helps reduce the ‘dimpling effect’, improve the texture and appearance of the skin. improve lymphatic drainage and blood flow. Read more   


Recommended a course of at least 10 treatment depends on the stage of cellulite( 2-3 session per week).


It is a great choice for your regular wellness program.


Not suitable if you have any of the following conditions: large areas of broken capillaries, or recent injury to this area, kidney problems, diabetes, and circulatory problems.


Treatment includes - Far Infrared Sauna+coffee wrap+massage


Targeted body part - Thighs, glutes, abdomen


Price            90 min              £55.00


          5 session paid in advance -   5% off

        10 session paid in advance - 10% off


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