Lady's Special Treat Package



All you need to do is just to sit back and relax.The package has been specially designed for a relaxing lady's day. This option is ideal if you would like to escape from your busy life for few hours to enjoy a relaxing afternoon or evening to unwind, recharge and enjoy some quality time catching up with your friends. 

Mothers of young children would appreciate a little bit of me-time.Getting together with another mom or two in the comfort of your own home. Relax while you receive a massage treatment and have your trusted friend watch over your child. You can then return the favor.


Maximum four persons. 

You can choose any of the pamperings packages from the list below or you can personalize your special day from 30 minute/pers to 60 minutes /pers.


Treatment includes - Pure essential oils, pre-blended aromatherapy oils, organic and professional healthcare products.


Pampering package recommendation

                   - 30 minute - £20.00/ pers   - include

 20 min - Chair massage - Back, Neck, Shoulder massage

10 min - Soothing foot massage


                 - 45 minute -  £30.00/ pers   - include

15 min - Chair massage -  Back, Neck, Shoulder massage

15 min - Head and Face massage

15 min - Relaxing Hand massage


               - 60 minute -  £40.00/ pers   - include

60 min - Full body massage ( on massage table) 

                   choice two

20 min - Chair massage - Back, Neck, Shoulder massage

15 min - Head and Face massage

15 min - Refreshing and rejuvenating natural face mask

10 min - Soothing Foot massage or relaxing hand massage




  6 x  session paid in advance -   5% off

10 x  session paid in advance - 10% off


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